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Pub. 21 Nov 2022 – 11:21 AM EST
Act. 21 Nov 2022 – 11:34 AM EST

Trump 2024: will the former president get the support he needs to return to the White House?

Donald Trump announced this week his third campaign for the presidency. Although he remains popular, his star no longer dazzles so much in the Republican Party, or the media that supported him. But he thrives on uphill battles.
Pub. 14 Nov 2022 – 04:54 PM EST
Act. 16 Nov 2022 – 04:59 PM EST

Analysis: Democrats continue to dominate the Hispanic vote, despite Republican gains in Florida

Many experts predicted that eroding support for Democrats in the Hispanic community would help consolidate a 'red wave' in the US mid-term elections. It never happened (outside Florida). ( Leer en español)
Pub. 5 Nov 2022 – 11:07 AM EDT
Act. 5 Nov 2022 – 12:57 PM EDT

Lawyers contest confession of Colombian soldier accused in assassination of Haiti's president

Retired Colombian soldier Mario Antonio Palacios made a taped confession to the FBI before he was arrested in Miami for his alleged role in the assassination of Haiti's president, Jovenel Moise. His lawyers say it was obtained illegally and have asked a judge to block it. ( Lea este artículo en español)
Pub. 23 Oct 2022 – 11:33 AM EDT
Act. 23 Oct 2022 – 11:36 AM EDT

Mystery of the disappearing mahi-mahi divides fishermen

The colorful dolphinfish, or mahi-mahi, is one of the most coveted species for recreational fishermen as well as the commercial vessels. Charter boat captains in Florida and Puerto Rico say they are seeing far fewer and much smaller fish in recent years. But who is to blame isn’t clear, and some point to climate change. ( Lea este artículo en español)
Pub. 28 Sep 2022 – 06:34 PM EDT
Act. 28 Sep 2022 – 07:57 PM EDT

Florida's population growth and climate change make a recipe for disaster

Hurricane Ian impacted Southwest Florida which has seen some of the fastest population and housing growth in the country. While some residents are among the wealthiest in the nation, living in Naples beachfront mansions, others are poor farm workers in Immokalee, living in trailers.
Pub. 29 Ago 2022 – 03:55 PM EDT
Act. 3 Nov 2022 – 07:26 PM EDT

Hundreds of planes and $4,000 tickets: Cubans migrating via charter flights

Cubans are leaving the island in record numbers thanks to an informal network of charter flights set up by less-than-transparent tour operators. Some question the motives of the Cuban and Nicaraguan governments. (Lea este artículo en español)
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Pub. 24 Ago 2022 – 06:00 AM EDT
Act. 24 Ago 2022 – 09:57 AM EDT

Are we better prepared? Remembering Hurricane Andrew, 30 years ago today

Hurricane Andrew was bad. But our preparedness is "actually worse now than it was then,” says legendary meteorologist Bryan Norcross. He spoke with Univision about the lessons learned in 1992. ( Leer este artículo en español)
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Pub. 13 Ago 2022 – 10:10 AM EDT
Act. 13 Ago 2022 – 10:14 AM EDT

Vanessa Guillen's family files lawsuit against Army for $35 million in damages

The Guillen family is challenging a longstanding military doctrine that does not allow members of the military who suffer any type of injury while on active duty to sue the federal government in civilian courts.
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Pub. 1 Ago 2022 – 04:11 PM EDT
Act. 4 Ago 2022 – 05:39 PM EDT

Trump still the man to beat in the Republican field ahead of the 2024 election

Despite the challenge from former Vice President Mike Pence and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, it is Donald Trump who remains the favorite for the Republican Party nomination in 2024, according to some analysts.
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Pub. 23 Jul 2022 – 02:42 PM EDT
Act. 23 Jul 2022 – 03:02 PM EDT

After Caro Quintero's arrest in Mexico, is the Camarena case any closer to being solved?

The 1985 murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena was a major part of the plot of the popular Netflix series 'Narcos: Mexico'. Following the arrest last week of Rafael Caro Quintero, the notorious Mexican drug lord, US authorities say they want to extradite him to stand trial for numerous crimes, including the kidnapping, torture and murder of Camarena. ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 18 Jul 2022 – 01:30 PM EDT
Act. 18 Jul 2022 – 01:49 PM EDT

After latest Jan. 6 revelations will Republicans back away from Trump and his possible 2024 bid?

Some Republicans are beginning to realize the dilemma they face if Trump decides to run again in 2024. Despite having lost popularity, will anyone dare to challenge him given his strong grassroots support?
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Pub. 14 Jul 2022 – 11:48 AM EDT
Act. 14 Jul 2022 – 11:48 AM EDT

U.S. Army vet wins citizenship after long legal battle over his identity

On his second try, Jose Cervera will finally become a U.S. citizen on Thursday. It took him more than a decade to unravel his identity, and even now he remains unsure of who he is.
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Pub. 10 Jul 2022 – 11:07 AM EDT
Act. 10 Jul 2022 – 11:20 AM EDT

Sanctions on Russia slow to bite as experts call for tougher “package” to end Putin's war

Russia continues to devote enormous resources to its war effort in Ukraine. Some experts say the West needs to inflict more pain on Putin to ensure that economic sanctions take effect. ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 16 May 2022 – 12:21 PM EDT
Act. 16 May 2022 – 12:27 PM EDT

The new insurance crisis: homeowners hit by rising premiums in 2022

Insurance is literally going up across the country, especially in Florida, where the industry is being hit by a perfect storm of hurricanes, roofing fraud and litigation. In Florida, property insurance premiums are expected to rise as much as 40% this year. ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 9 May 2022 – 10:39 AM EDT
Act. 11 May 2022 – 10:23 AM EDT

Former president Hernandez’s ‘Dream Team’ mounts a bold and sometimes bizarre legal defense

Juan Orlando Hernández's defense team plans to call high-profile witnesses to prove he was an ally in the war on drugs. He is due to make his first appearance in a New York federal court on Tuesday facing drug trafficking and firearms charges. ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 26 Abr 2022 – 12:41 PM EDT
Act. 26 Abr 2022 – 02:22 PM EDT

Is there a U.S. intelligence agency link to the assassination of Haiti's president?

The government says evidence in the court case of a Colombian accused of participating in the assassination of President Jovenel Moise involves classified information. But it's unclear what is the link to U.S. intelligence agencies. (Leer en español)
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Pub. 23 Abr 2022 – 02:07 PM EDT
Act. 3 Ago 2022 – 04:35 PM EDT

Hispanic Iraq war veteran leads the fight against exposure to toxic waste from 'burn pits'

Le Roy Torres was exposed to toxic smoke from burning trash while serving in Iraq. He and his wife, Rosie, have taken their cause all the way to the Supreme Court and Congress. ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 21 Abr 2022 – 05:50 PM EDT
Act. 5 May 2022 – 10:17 AM EDT

Former president of Honduras and U.S. ally, Juan Orlando Hernández, extradited

The 53-year-old former head of state, whose term as president from 2014 to 2022 was plagued by corruption allegations, could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted of allegedly aiding a conspiracy to smuggle 500 tons of cocaine to the United States.
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Pub. 18 Abr 2022 – 11:23 AM EDT
Act. 18 Abr 2022 – 11:28 AM EDT

The wave that's coming

Title 42 is a Covid-19-related immigration policy inherited from the Trump Administration and taken advantage of by the Biden Administration for more than a year. But it's coming to an end in May.
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Pub. 17 Abr 2022 – 11:30 AM EDT
Act. 17 Abr 2022 – 11:33 AM EDT

Can Russia be forced to pay for the cost of the war in Ukraine with frozen assets?

When the fighting is done, vast sums of money will be needed in the future for reparations to rebuild Ukraine and to help ensure its long-term security. So who will pay for that?
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