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1 Jul 2021 – 06:05 PM EDT

El momento en que llevan escoltado a la corte al director financiero de la Organización Trump

Como parte de una investigación llevada a cabo por el fiscal de distrito de Manhattan y la fiscal general de Nueva York, la Organización Trump y su director financiero, Allen Weisselberg, fueron acusados el jueves de cargos relacionados con evasión de impuestos. Más noticias aquí.
28 Jun 2021 – 08:00 AM EDT

Vaccine diplomacy: how the US is overtaking China and Russia

Across Latin America, China has carried out a successful vaccine diplomacy campaign, delivering shipments of its drugs as part of a global effort to increase its power and influence. The United States is now on track to overtake China, but some experts say the Biden administration should do more for Latin America. ( Leer en español)
23 Jun 2021 – 04:20 PM EDT

Military leaders split over Vanessa Guillen reform bill that would remove commanders from prosecutorial decisions

A new bill that would reform the way the military justice system deals with sexual abuse, as well as other serious crimes such as murder, is being opposed by senior members of the military. ( Leer en español)
22 Jun 2021 – 10:49 PM EDT

Resumen | Orlando City domina y humilla 5-0 a San Jose Earthquakes

Los Leones se impusieron con el tanto de Nani y los dobletes de Benji Michel y Daryl Dike.
22 Jun 2021 – 10:47 PM EDT

¡Cierran con broche de oro! Akindele asiste y Benji Michel marca el 5-0

Tesho aguantó la pasada de su compañero y le filtró el esférico para que anotara su doblete al minuto 89.
22 Jun 2021 – 10:29 PM EDT

¿Era penalti? Shea Salinas reclama una mano de Antonio Carlos

El mediocampista del SJ Earthquakes mandó un centro que se impactó en el defensor al minuto 67.
22 Jun 2021 – 09:51 PM EDT

¡Casi descuentan! Brandon Austin ataja el cañonazo de ‘Chofis’ López

El atacante San Jose Earthquakes prendió sabroso el esférico y el arquero Brandon Austin reaccionó de gran manera al 45’.
22 Jun 2021 – 08:48 PM EDT

Detienen el Orlando City vs JS Earthquakes por actividad eléctrica

Se paró el duelo al minuto 39 por las condiciones climáticas y mandaron a todos a buscar refugio bajo techo.
22 Jun 2021 – 08:36 PM EDT

¿Un guiño al Orlando City? Willian disfruta el juego en la grada

El atacante brasileño del Arsenal asistió al duelo entre los Leones y el San Jose Earthquakes.
22 Jun 2021 – 06:35 PM EDT

Congressional leaders unite in support of new 'Vanessa Guillen Act' to prevent sexual abuse in the military and other felonies

In a step forward for victims of sexual abuse in the military, a bipartisan group of members of Congress from both chambers will present a new legislative proposal on Wednesday to move the decision to prosecute accused offenders out of the chain of command. The bill would also cover felonies such as murder and domestic violence. ( Leer este articulo en español)
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15 Jun 2021 – 10:13 AM EDT

From the tomato fields to Cambridge: the son of Mexican farm workers who graduated from Harvard and is now a doctor

In the mid-1980s, a couple from a remote ranch in Mexico migrated to the US where they found jobs as farm workers. Erick, the second of their four children, went on to study neurology at Harvard before recently becoming a doctor
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1 Jun 2021 – 07:22 AM EDT

Trust Investing offers "financial freedom" with cryptocurrency, but critics warn of "deceptive" practices

Trust Investing offers illusory 200% annual gains from cryptocurrency but some have warned that its business model is more akin to a private club than a professional financial tool. Its director in Cuba was arrested for alleged "illicit economic activity." ( Leer en español)
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26 May 2021 – 11:33 AM EDT

Missing and murdered

Por:Real America with Jorge Ramos
More than four in five Indigenous women have experienced violence, according to the National Institute of Justice, while cases often remain unsolved. Now, victim's families and advocates have a powerful ally in their fight for justice and raising awareness about this nationwide epidemic.
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19 May 2021 – 03:13 PM EDT

Despite expulsion, splits and desertions, the Republican party stays loyal to Trump at all costs

The ouster of Liz Cheney symbolizes the lasting political dominance of former President Donald Trump. The party continues to put its faith in him, despite losing by more than seven million votes in November.
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19 May 2021 – 10:56 AM EDT

Chef Chris Heath switched jobs in the pandemic after his employer cut his wages

A poll of hospitality workers found that 65% felt the industry failed to do enough to help employees. "Respondents said employers were too quick to fire or furlough them and that employers cared more about stock value than the workers themselves," according to Florida Atlantic University researchers who conducted the poll.
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19 May 2021 – 08:16 AM EDT

Fed up and moving on, hospitality industry survey sheds light on April job numbers

Many Americans are reluctant to return to the job market citing low pay, long hours, and an uncaring corporate culture. ( Leer en español)
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7 May 2021 – 09:00 AM EDT

Adam Toledo: a victim of disinvestment in Chicago’s Black and Latino neighborhoods?

Por:Real America with Jorge Ramos
In the weeks following the 13-year-old’s death, an investigation into the shooting is underway and his community is still seeking answers and solutions. Some point to lack of funding in Black and Latino neighborhoods.
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4 May 2021 – 03:29 PM EDT

How the case of Vanessa Guillen gave new momentum to legal push to end sexual abuse in the Armed Forces

At stake is "the cornerstone of the military justice system" that has withstood decades of social and political pressure. But will the new bills be enough to stop the abuse?
8 min de lectura
26 Abr 2021 – 12:52 PM EDT

Reefa: new movie about death of a Colombian-born graffiti artist rekindles debate over police responsibility

A new film tells the story of how a police Taser stun gun killed a young graffiti artist known as Reefa on Miami Beach in 2013. It also rekindles questions about police brutality in the wake of the conviction of the cop who murdered George Floyd.
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22 Abr 2021 – 01:27 PM EDT

A year on, Vanessa Guillen’s family awaits answers, while Army touts changes

Univision visited the Guillen family in Houston, Texas as they prepared to mark the one-year anniversary of Vanessa’s death. Meanwhile, at Fort Hood, the U.S. Army base where she was killed, some changes are underway. ( Click here to read more about the anniversary of her death)