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18 Jun 2021 – 01:21 PM EDT

Bukele's big Bitcoin bet in El Salvador

President Nayib Bukele says that the legalization of Bitcoin will make remittances easier and "provide financial inclusion to thousands of people outside the formal economy." How much truth is there in what he is proposing? ( Leer en español)
28 May 2021 – 09:39 AM EDT

China to tax Venezuelan crude: the possible end of an alliance that marks another chapter in Maduro's economic debacle

Experts say that relations between Beijing and Caracas have deteriorated in recent months and that the Chinese government may have lost patience with Venezuela's mismanagement of its sanctioned oil industry. ( Leer en español)
19 May 2021 – 10:56 AM EDT

Chef Chris Heath switched jobs in the pandemic after his employer cut his wages

A poll of hospitality workers found that 65% felt the industry failed to do enough to help employees. "Respondents said employers were too quick to fire or furlough them and that employers cared more about stock value than the workers themselves," according to Florida Atlantic University researchers who conducted the poll.
19 May 2021 – 08:16 AM EDT

Fed up and moving on, hospitality industry survey sheds light on April job numbers

Many Americans are reluctant to return to the job market citing low pay, long hours, and an uncaring corporate culture. ( Leer en español)
20 Abr 2021 – 03:36 PM EDT

In a call or message on social media: the IRS warns how scammers seek to keep your stimulus check

Por::Mayra Rocha
More than 150 million stimulus checks have been mailed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). For this reason, authorities have warned how scammers are trying to deceive recipients and how these Economic Impact Payment are being processed.
21 Mar 2021 – 12:16 PM EDT

Here are ten Miami startups you might not have heard of

Miami aspires to be recognized as a new technology hub. The experience of working from home during Covid led many entrepreneurs to move to the city because of its climate, diverse population and low taxes. The city already has a surprisingly thriving tech ecosystem.
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21 Mar 2021 – 11:51 AM EDT

How the pandemic is transforming Miami into a new tech hub (though it may not replace Silicon Valley)

As Miami tries to become the next tech hub, does the city have the talent and infrastructure, and can it avoid going the way of San Francisco or New York, where the high cost of living is driving many people away? ( Leer en español)
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29 Dic 2020 – 07:56 PM EST

Aumenta $ 1 el salario mínimo en Illinois a partir de enero del 2021

Quienes ganen $ 10 por hora en este momento verán un aumento a $ 11 por hora a partir del este próximo primero de enero, como parte de una esquema que elevará el salario mínimo en Illinois a $ 15 por hora para el 2015.
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2 Oct 2020 – 10:39 AM EDT

Scars of the pandemic

To be Hispanic in coronavirus times has more than its fair share of consequences. Latinos were the first to get sick and also the first to lose their jobs. Allapattah, a small South Florida neighborhood, is a prime example of how covid-19 ended up hurting a poor community.
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29 Sep 2020 – 01:44 PM EDT

Café Dato: How to improve your credit score during the pandemic

Por::Mayra Rocha
A credit score is needed to buy or rent a house, negotiate a car purchase and even to get a job. When a single number has such a great impact on many life decisions, it's important to have the highest score possible.
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24 Sep 2020 – 05:10 PM EDT

Estas son tres de las mejores ciudades de Estados Unidos para vivir: ¿sabes si se encuentra la tuya?

La revista Money publicó una lista con las mejores ciudades de cada estado para las familias de clase media tras analizar datos com educación académica y seguridad, entre otros. También se analizaron ciudades y pueblos con una población de al menos 25.000 habitantes. Se eliminó cualquier lugar que tuviera más del doble del riesgo nacional de delincuencia.
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24 Sep 2020 – 12:40 AM EDT

Estas son las tiendas de Bed Bath & Beyond que cerrarán en California

Algunos meses después de que Bed Bath & Beyond anunciara sus planes de cerrar unas 200 tiendas en todo el país, la cadena de artículos para el hogar informó cuáles son los puntos de venta que se liquidarán antes de finalizar el año.
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31 Jul 2020 – 10:19 AM EDT

Estas tiendas anunciaron cierres en EEUU debido al impacto económico por el coronavirus

Decenas de cadenas anunciaron posibles cierres a inicios de este año, sin embargo, el impacto económico que ha tenido la pandemia del covid-19 ha acelerado la reestructuración de almacenes en todo el país.
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21 Jul 2020 – 07:21 AM EDT

Sigue la ola de cierres: estas populares tiendas están en riesgo de desaparecer en 2020

El mercado de tiendas por departamentos y minoristas sigue en riesgo y a la lista de cierres anunciados en 2019 se le suman nuevas marcas debido a la crisis por el coronavirus. Los cambios en la demanda de consumidores no solo cerrará almacenes sino que también pone en riesgo a sus trabajadores.
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11 Jun 2020 – 04:41 PM EDT

Insurance prices leap 20% at U.S. braces for hurricane season in midst of covid-19

The pandemic is causing added uncertainty in the insurance markets, driving up costs as the south and eastern U.S. prepares for what forecasters say with be an above average hurricane season. (Leer en español)
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23 Abr 2020 – 09:45 AM EDT

What went wrong at the South Dakota meat packing plant where hundreds of immigrant workers were infected?

The owners of the South Dakota meat packing plant tried to maintain operations despite growing concerns of workers who accuse the company of not doing enough to protect their health. There are now more than 900 cases of covid-19 linked to the plant, which was forced to close. ( Lea este articulo en español)
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11 Mar 2020 – 05:37 PM EDT

Perfect storm: coronavirus and an oil price war lead US towards recession

While it’s not as big a crisis as the 2008 mortgage debt crisis, the oil and gas sector is expecting thousands of job losses, with knock on effects across the entire economy. (Leer en español)
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18 Dic 2019 – 01:51 PM EST

Consejos de nuestra conductora Vicky Aguilera de cómo evitar la depresión navideña

Algunas personas no pueden evitar sentirse tristes en una de las épocas supuestamente más alegres del año. Estos son los consejos que comparte Vicky Aguilera, nuestra conductora de Entre Café y Café de Amor 106.7.
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2 Ene 2017 – 05:12 PM EST

Remittances to Mexico jump by most in 10 years after Trump win

Mexicans abroad sent home nearly $2.4 billion in transfers in November, almost 25 percent higher than a year earlier.
6 Dic 2016 – 03:09 PM EST

President Obama’s Economic Legacy

“Since the recovery from the Great Recession started in 2010, over 15 million jobs have been created.”