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24 Jul 2021 – 02:49 PM EDT

Saint or sinner: Moïse's assassination in Haiti revives racial tensions

The widow of the assassinated president of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, says he was a brave man who stood up to the country's corrupt oligarchy. But her critics say he was largely to blame. ( Leer en español)
23 Jul 2021 – 02:32 PM EDT

Mexico is fast becoming a leading refugee destination in the Americas

In the first half of 2021, Mexico has received a record 51,654 asylum requests from migrants coming from 83 countries around the world, mostly Honduras and Haiti.
22 Jul 2021 – 04:35 PM EDT

Refugee Destination: Mexico

Mexico has received more than 51,000 asylum requests so far this year, and could be on pace to process roughly the same number of new asylum cases as U.S. did in 2018, before the pandemic.
21 Jul 2021 – 09:30 PM EDT

Bianca Jagger calls on Daniel Ortega to open Nicaragua's prisons to inspection

On the 42nd anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution that brought Ortega to power, the human rights advocate and actress, asked him to allow her access to the country's imprisoned political prisoners. ( Leer en español)
18 Jul 2021 – 03:00 PM EDT

President Biden's unforeseen dilemma in Haiti and Cuba

The assassination of Haiti's president and the unprecedented protests in Cuba have put the spotlight on an often overlooked Caribbean. Does the Biden administration have any answers? ( Leer en español)
15 Jul 2021 – 07:07 PM EDT


#SOSCUBA has jumped from the virtual space to the streets. Protests erupting throughout Cuba and its diaspora this week call for an end to the Cuban government’s repressive regime as an out-of-control pandemic pushes the island’s limited basic resources past their breaking point. And the government’s violent response- cutting off internet access and arresting dozens of protesters- has failed to silence a cry for freedom that is resonating around the globe.
15 Jul 2021 – 01:37 PM EDT

Nicaragua Held Captive

Targeted U.S. sanctions against Daniel Ortega’s repressive regime have failed to curb a violent government crackdown in Nicaragua. Now, the U.S.’ old cold war nemesis is going on the offensive. Ortega is rounding up the country’s top opposition candidates, business leaders, journalists, and activists in a brazen attempt to torpedo next November’s elections and remain in power at all costs.
15 Jul 2021 – 12:52 PM EDT

Mexico’s Record Homicide and Covid Deaths

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was elected in 2018 on the promise of turning around Mexico’s record levels of violence. But almost 90,000 people have been killed in the nearly three years since AMLO took office, and the country also has the fourth highest number of COVID deaths in the world. Jorge Ramos pressed the Mexican President on both figures during a recent “mañanera” press conference.
28 Jun 2021 – 08:00 AM EDT

Vaccine diplomacy: how the US is overtaking China and Russia

Across Latin America, China has carried out a successful vaccine diplomacy campaign, delivering shipments of its drugs as part of a global effort to increase its power and influence. The United States is now on track to overtake China, but some experts say the Biden administration should do more for Latin America. ( Leer en español)
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24 Jun 2021 – 07:25 PM EDT

Last Mile, Last Shot

Many Hispanic communities face unique challenges to raising their vaccination rates. We traveled the country to document the extraordinary efforts being made to reach them.
21 Jun 2021 – 06:15 PM EDT

Mexico signed a contract for 35 million CanSino vaccines with a nonexistent company

A company with four employees, based out of an office in Switzerland and formed only after signing the contract with Mexico, is charged with packing and distributing 35 million doses of the controversial CanSino vaccine for the Mexican people. The president of the company is a Mexican lawyer, currently sanctioned for a financial scheme that surfaced in the Panama Papers scandal. Lea este artículo en español.
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21 Jun 2021 – 02:56 PM EDT

Are southbound migrant caravans in Honduras’ future?

In this episode of Real America with Jorge Ramos, the show looks at the migrant flow from Honduras and examines the possibility that caravans might start organizing not only to head north, but also looking to head south, seeking new migrant routes and finding new hopes in other countries.
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18 Jun 2021 – 01:21 PM EDT

Bukele's big Bitcoin bet in El Salvador

President Nayib Bukele says that the legalization of Bitcoin will make remittances easier and "provide financial inclusion to thousands of people outside the formal economy." How much truth is there in what he is proposing? ( Leer en español)
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17 Jun 2021 – 07:06 PM EDT

Searching for Hope in Honduras

The Biden administration wants to help Central Americans "find hope at home,” but for many in the Northern Triangle REAL HOPE means migrating to find a new home.
12 Jun 2021 – 10:15 AM EDT

Forty years after Somoza, Nicaragua fears return to dictatorship under Ortega

Nicaraguan police arrested prominent opposition figures this week, including several presidential candidates, in what many observers say is an inexorable slide back toward dictatorship, with seemingly no way out. ( Leer este artículo en español)
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10 Jun 2021 – 07:14 PM EDT

In The Heights

Before the massive success of Hamilton, it all began with In The Heights for Lin-Manuel Miranda. The story about a Latino neighborhood in New York City with big dreams broke barriers when it first premiered on Broadway in 2008. Now, Lin-Manuel is taking audiences back to his roots, and theaters, with a new In The Heights movie adaptation of the hit musical.
6 Jun 2021 – 11:41 AM EDT

Vice President Harris and Central America’s last chance for hope

When Kamala Harris visits Guatemala this weekend she will be walking into a region facing enormous challenges and where civil society leaders are calling for radical reforms to address corruption.
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5 Jun 2021 – 11:03 AM EDT

Mission Impossible? Kamala Harris seeks new allies in Central America as officials emphasize anti-corruption message

In her first foreign trip as vice president, Kamala Harris is seeking to tackle the seemingly insoluble problem of poverty, migration and corruption in Central America. The Biden administration's policy is a new, comprehensive, humanitarian approach. ( Leer en español)
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3 Jun 2021 – 06:38 PM EDT

The Invisible Border Wall

President Biden promised change at the southern border. But by continuing a Trump-era policy, known as Title 42, his administration is creating an invisible wall for thousands of asylum seekers who now find themselves in an indefinite limbo throughout border cities.
2 Jun 2021 – 07:21 PM EDT

What's drawing Cuban rafters back to Florida despite their limited legal options to remain?

The arrival of a homemade sailboat with at least 10 suspected Cuban migrants on a popular South Florida beach on Monday appears to indicate a resurgence in illegal migration from the communist-run island hit hard by the pandemic.
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