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Pub. 23 Mar 2023 – 11:45 AM EDT
Act. 23 Mar 2023 – 11:45 AM EDT

Exiles should welcome Cuba's baseball team to Miami. As a prop, it's a hit

Cuban baseball today seems a reminder of the island's massive youth exodus — which ought to make it a handy showcase of what Cuban exiles protest. This Cuban crew is largely a team drawn from a rapidly shrinking pool of talented youth who in recent years have been abandoning their communist country in droves.
Pub. 12 Mar 2023 – 12:07 PM EDT
Act. 12 Mar 2023 – 01:35 PM EDT

A decade after Chávez's death, DeSantis pushes a Chavista demise of free speech

It’s a more than apt coincidence that Chávez’s memory is in the news now as Florida’s legislature convenes to propose laws that, if enacted, would press their own boot heel on free speech.
15 Ago 2016 – 12:37 PM EDT

Brasil lo dijo y Florida no prestó atención: el zika y la negación del cambio climático de Rick Scott

“Scott y el estado de Florida podrían y deberían haber hecho más en este caso. No solo meses, sino años antes”.