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Camilo has the world in 'Mis Manos'

Colombian singer and songwriter Camilo is part of a new generation of artists achieving mainstream success en español. His latest album 'Mis Manos' shows the U.S. and global audience is “crossing over” to Spanish-language music.
9 Abr 2021 – 10:53 AM EDT
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Camilo Crédito: Cristian Saumeth

Colombian singer and songwriter Camilo began 2020 with great expectations.

He married Venezuelan actress and singer Evaluna Montaner in an emotional fairytale wedding surrounded by their closest family and friends. His first album ' Por Primera Vez' was set to drop in the spring and plans for a concert tour were ramping up.

Then Covid-19 shut down any major plans to promote the album, along with the rest of the world. But the time away from the stage hasn’t stopped the 27-year-old artist from producing music that still reaches his fans, who he refers to as 'La Tribu.'

Less than a year later, he has released his sophomore album ' Mis Manos.' “This album celebrates all of the walls that have come down in my life so I can celebrate all of the sides that fully make up my identity and also my country’s identity,” Camilo told Jorge Ramos

The album features sounds from Colombian roots to reggaeton and pop. Its breakout song, 'Ropa Cara,' has become a viral sensation as fans and celebrities jump on the #ropacarachallenge across TikTok and Instagram.

“Every time you do an interview, do they ask you if you are wearing expensive clothes?” Ramos playfully asked.

“What can I say?” Camilo laughed as he pointed to a black t-shirt. “I’m giving off Sunday vibes today. I like the comfortable at-home look.”

Watch the full interview here:

Colombian singer and songwriter Camilo is part of a new generation of artists achieving mainstream success en español....

Posted by Real America with Jorge Ramos on Thursday, April 8, 2021

All jokes aside, Camilo’s latest success is serious business.

The music video to his single ' Vida de Rico ,' was among last year’s most viewed videos on YouTube globally. The song, which so far has amassed over half a billion views, follows Camilo and his wife purchasing their first home together. Like many of their social media videos during the pandemic, it offers an intimate look at their first year of marriage.

“Most of the songs I write for my wife are written in the same words that I speak to her and that I live with her,” said Camilo. “It has given me permission to be more vulnerable in my songs. My songs talk about my dreams, my aspirations, my fears, and they also talk about the things I can and can’t promise my wife. What type of life I dream with her.”

But it’s not just the Spanish-speaking world that is taking notice of Camilo’s sound

Camilo was nominated for his first Grammy at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. He also made his debut as a musical guest on NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

He’s among a new generation of artists who are charting their own course in the music world en español.

Bronx-born singer Romeo Santos, known as the King of Bachata, became the first Latino artist to headline the MetLife Stadium before a sold-out crowd of 80,000 during his 2019 “Utopia The Concert.” Reggaeton artists J Balvin and Bad Bunny performed during a historic tour de force for Latin artists at last year’s SuperBowl alongside Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Teen phenom Billie Eilish has also teamed up with Spanish artist Rosalía for a new song.

“We’re showing that Latin music is a fundamental part of pop culture and pop music. It’s becoming less strange for a Latin song in Spanish to go No. 1 on the global charts,” said Camilo. “I feel so fortunate to be a singer and songwriter at a time in history where Latinos are lifting their heads up with pride. We’re celebrating our roots, who we are, what we like and the way we see the world. We’re no longer thinking about trying to fit in a language that is not ours in order to be global. There’s nothing more global than being yourself. And being honest and sincere.”

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