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Pub. 15 Mar 2023 – 04:59 PM EDT
Act. 15 Mar 2023 – 05:28 PM EDT

In a war of attrition the supply of ammunition is vital in determining the outcome of Putin's invasion of Ukraine

Both sides in the conflict in Ukraine are struggling with logistics as they use up ammunition faster than it can be supplied, from rifle bullets to the wide assortment of artillery and missiles deployed on the battlefield. ( Leer en español)
Pub. 8 Mar 2023 – 02:53 PM EST
Act. 8 Mar 2023 – 03:15 PM EST

Who blew it up? The mystery behind the Nord Stream pipeline explosions

Theories abound as to who planted the underwater explosives last September that severed the 700-mile pipeline linking Russia and Germany. Was it Russia, the U.S. or even Ukraine? (Leer en español)
Pub. 31 Oct 2022 – 02:55 PM EDT
Act. 31 Oct 2022 – 02:55 PM EDT

Oil spills aren’t the big problem; intentional dumping is

When a ship inadvertently spills oil, it’s big news. But according to an investigation by The Outlaw Ocean Project, a non-profit journalism organization based in Washington D.C, every three years, ships intentionally dump more oil than the Exxon Valdez and BP spills combined.
Pub. 26 Oct 2022 – 06:40 PM EDT
Act. 26 Oct 2022 – 06:42 PM EDT

A third of all fish is turned into something you never heard of

The Outlaw Ocean Project traveled to West Africa for an offshore patrol where hundreds of Chinese and other fishing boats trawl for fish meal production, cratering the local food source and polluting the coastline.
Pub. 25 Oct 2022 – 07:09 PM EDT
Act. 25 Oct 2022 – 07:09 PM EDT

How the high-seas became a metaphor for freedom

Abortion is legal on the high seas. Rebecca Gomperts is a Dutch doctor and founder of Women on Waves, a group that provides access at sea to medical abortions, which entail administering pills to induce miscarriage, for women who live in countries where abortion is restricted or criminalized.
Pub. 20 Jul 2022 – 11:15 AM EDT
Act. 20 Jul 2022 – 11:38 AM EDT

Arrival of longer-range U.S. artillery keeps Ukraine in the fight, experts say

The West has continued to add vital new weapons to the Ukrainian arsenal as it battles ot overcome the odds in protracted war with Russia. The latest long-range HIMARS artillery could halt latest Russian advances, experts say.
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Pub. 10 Jul 2022 – 11:07 AM EDT
Act. 10 Jul 2022 – 11:20 AM EDT

Sanctions on Russia slow to bite as experts call for tougher “package” to end Putin's war

Russia continues to devote enormous resources to its war effort in Ukraine. Some experts say the West needs to inflict more pain on Putin to ensure that economic sanctions take effect. ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 17 Abr 2022 – 11:30 AM EDT
Act. 17 Abr 2022 – 11:33 AM EDT

Can Russia be forced to pay for the cost of the war in Ukraine with frozen assets?

When the fighting is done, vast sums of money will be needed in the future for reparations to rebuild Ukraine and to help ensure its long-term security. So who will pay for that?
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Pub. 15 Abr 2022 – 11:52 AM EDT
Act. 15 Abr 2022 – 02:47 PM EDT

After 50 days of the war in Ukraine, are the Russia sanctions having any effect?

With a total of 9,655 sanctions against it, Russia is now the most sanctioned country in the world, ahead of Iran. Of these, 6,901 have been imposed since February. But the high price of oil and gas, ironically a result of the war, is fueling Vladimir Putin's war machine. ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 9 Abr 2022 – 10:59 AM EDT
Act. 12 Abr 2022 – 11:50 AM EDT

War in Ukraine enters new phase as Putin seeks to salvage "victory" in the eastern Donbas

The war in Ukraine is entering a new phase focused on the east of the country that could determine the outcome of the Russian invasion ordered by President Vladimir Putin. While Russia's war machine still has enormous combat power, it has suffered heavy losses in men and equipment, experts say. (Leer en español)
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Pub. 2 Abr 2022 – 05:10 PM EDT
Act. 2 Abr 2022 – 06:20 PM EDT

Cracks in the Kremlin over Ukraine? Has Russia reached "breaking point" over Putin's war?

Security experts and sources in Russia say Putin is left isolated in the Kremlin, relying on his secret service and his bullet-proof ‘Beast from The East’ for protection. ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 29 Mar 2022 – 01:50 PM EDT
Act. 29 Mar 2022 – 02:04 PM EDT

Internal reforms and US training helped turn around the Ukrainian military (in photos)

For several years, the Ukrainian armed forces conducted training with U.S. Army instructors at the International Peacekeeping Security Centre near Yavoriv in eastern Ukraine. The base was shelled by Russia on 13 March, killing at least 35 people, although there were no U.S. trainers there as they were withdrawn at the end of February. The Ukrainian Air Force also established a special relationship with the California National Guard.
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Pub. 28 Mar 2022 – 07:18 PM EDT
Act. 29 Mar 2022 – 02:06 PM EDT

How Ukraine went from a corrupt army "in ruins" to one that amazed the world

The story of how the Ukrainian military reformed itself after being overrun by Russia in 2014, becoming an effective fighting force in barely eight years. What role did U.S. training and equipment play? ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 26 Mar 2022 – 06:37 PM EDT
Act. 28 Mar 2022 – 12:39 PM EDT

How easy is it to sanction a Russian oligarch? And will it really help to pressure Putin?

The US and its allies are trying to squeeze Putin by going after his super rich oligarchs. While that’s no easy task in today’s complex world of secret accounts, it may curtail ‘Russian influence operations’ in the West. ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 21 Mar 2022 – 03:00 PM EDT
Act. 21 Mar 2022 – 03:00 PM EDT

High gas prices: the new headache for Biden and Democrats

Oil prices are likely to remain high for the rest of this year, but the war in Ukraine could give Biden a patriotic boost.
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Pub. 19 Mar 2022 – 01:38 PM EDT
Act. 21 Mar 2022 – 03:21 PM EDT

War in Ukraine: "We are heading for negotiations, not because Russia wants to but because it has to".

Ukraine's determined resistance has surprised analysts. Ukrainians have gone from "we can defend Kyiv" to believing they can defeat Putin.
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Pub. 19 Mar 2022 – 01:37 PM EDT
Act. 15 Mar 2023 – 04:57 PM EDT

In photos: Tanks, kamikaze drones, Stinger and Javelin missiles; the weapons being sent to Ukraine

The US and its European allies are sending billions of dollars in weapons to help Ukraine defend itself against invading Russian forces, including surface-to-air and anti-tank missiles, as well as tanks and armed drones.
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Pub. 12 Mar 2022 – 09:32 AM EST
Act. 12 Mar 2022 – 02:24 PM EST

Looking beyond Ukraine, what is Putin capable of?

Chemical weapons? Cyber attacks? Nuclear conflict? Is Putin playing psychological games with the West? These are all question now being asked as the war in Ukraine drags on. ( Watch Univision's coverage of the Ukraine war in Spanish)
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Pub. 8 Mar 2022 – 03:44 PM EST
Act. 8 Mar 2022 – 03:50 PM EST

Putin’s military doctrine: flattening cities when necessary

"Basically, if Vladimir Putin has his way, Ukraine will not exist as the modern Ukraine of the last 30 years," says Fiona Hill, the foremost U.S. expert on Putin.
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Pub. 6 Mar 2022 – 07:21 PM EST
Act. 7 Mar 2022 – 01:34 PM EST

The party may be over for Russian oligarchs, but will sanctions work?

From bank accounts to yachts to football clubs, the impact of international sanctions is being felt around the world as the United States and the European Union put the squeeze on Vladimir Putin and the notorious oligarchs who feed off his regime. ( Leer en español)
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