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Pub. 7 Abr 2023 – 03:27 PM EDT
Act. 7 Abr 2023 – 04:11 PM EDT

Death of Private Basaldua: call for independent investigation at Fort Hood amid crisis in military recruiting

A human rights group is calling for an independent investigation into conditions at Fort Hood, the Army base in Texas where Pvt. Ana Fernanda Basaldua was found dead on March 13. The incident highlights the growing crisis in military recruitment, experts say.
Pub. 29 Mar 2023 – 01:10 PM EDT
Act. 29 Mar 2023 – 04:33 PM EDT

Haiti assassination: how much did the US government know about the plot against Moïse?

The alleged involvement of three US government informants in the operation that culminated in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse has raised questions about how much Washington knew about the plan partially hatched in Miami. Does the FBI have a conflict of interest if it is investigating a case involving one of its informants? ( Leer en español)
Pub. 27 Mar 2023 – 01:05 PM EDT
Act. 27 Mar 2023 – 03:32 PM EDT

DeSantis targets drag performers, a new battle in Florida's "culture wars"

Florida’s “culture war” is targeting alleged “lewd” drag queen performances in front of children. The state has sought to revoke liquor licenses from venues that stage inappropriate drag performances. A new law would also impose tighter restrictions, including fines and jail time. ( Leer en español)
Pub. 21 Mar 2023 – 06:07 PM EDT
Act. 26 Mar 2023 – 12:08 PM EDT

Florida beaches face double threat: red tide and giant floating mass of seaweed

Tourists face warnings about toxic red tide off the beaches on Florida's west coast and the foul stench of dead fish. Another algae - sargassum seaweed - is arriving in Mexico and will soon be headed for South Florida. Meanwhile, scientists are trying to figure out what causes the blooming of sargassum and red tide.
Pub. 16 Mar 2023 – 05:51 PM EDT
Act. 16 Mar 2023 – 06:43 PM EDT

Sexual harassment hits "historic highs": death of Pvt. Ana Basaldua at Fort Hood sounds alarm bells again

Despite new laws to protect soldiers from sexual abuse, the death of Pvt. Ana Fernanda Basaldua, and a new Pentagon report on elite military academies, suggest the problems are far from being resolved. ( Leer en español)
Pub. 9 Feb 2023 – 02:46 PM EST
Act. 9 Feb 2023 – 02:56 PM EST

Rio Grande Valley is epicenter of Alzheimer’s spike among Latinos

Por::Daisy Yuhas
Yet Texas, with a $33 billion budget surplus, spends far less on this devastating form of dementia than other large states. This project is a collaboration between Public Health Watch and Univision.
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Pub. 31 Ene 2023 – 05:07 PM EST
Act. 31 Ene 2023 – 06:25 PM EST

More suspects in assassination of Haitian President Moïse transferred to U.S.

The U.S. investigation into the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise took a giant leap forward on Tuesday when four key suspects were flown to Miami from Haiti. ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 23 Ene 2023 – 07:09 PM EST
Act. 24 Ene 2023 – 04:17 PM EST

Death of a Latino cadet: the police say he committed suicide but the family believes he was murdered

Alex Bello-Ortiz was a model Air Force cadet whose death devastated his family in 2020. The initial investigation by Daytona Beach police closed the case as a suicide. Armed with new evidence, the family contends that he was murdered by a fellow cadet. The case has since been reopened. ( Lea este artículo en español)
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Pub. 23 Ene 2023 – 07:02 PM EST
Act. 23 Ene 2023 – 07:02 PM EST

The life of Air Force cadet Alexander Bello-Ortiz - in photos

The life of a young Air Force cadet, Alexander Bello-Ortiz, was cut short in tragic circumstances in 2020. His death was declared a suicide but his family suspect foul play.
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Pub. 21 Dic 2022 – 11:10 AM EST
Act. 21 Dic 2022 – 04:00 PM EST

An unprecedented adoption case in the US seeks to rectify an injustice in Mexico

Their adoptive parents in the U.S. refused to pay a bribe in Mexico. As a result, the Polinske children have been waiting 37 years for their Mexican adoption - and U.S. citizenship - to be recognized.
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Pub. 19 Dic 2022 – 10:59 AM EST
Act. 19 Dic 2022 – 11:41 AM EST

U.S. and Canada turn to sanctions against Haitian politicians and businessmen accused of ties to gangs

The US has rarely resorted to sanctions in Haiti, leading some to ask why the punitive tool wasn't used sooner? But some potential sanctions targets live in the United States, making execution more difficult.
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Pub. 13 Dic 2022 – 12:23 PM EST
Act. 13 Dic 2022 – 12:27 PM EST

US officials report massive increase of Cuban rafters in Florida waters

More and more Cuban rafts are appearing in U.S. waters due to the political and economic crisis on the communist-run island. (Leer es españo l)
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Pub. 3 Dic 2022 – 08:56 AM EST
Act. 3 Dic 2022 – 08:56 AM EST

What Hispanics and other minorities should know about long Covid

Many Hispanics are being left in the dark about long Covid. This is what some patients have learned through self-advocacy. Lee artículo en español.
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Pub. 21 Nov 2022 – 11:21 AM EST
Act. 21 Nov 2022 – 11:34 AM EST

Trump 2024: will the former president get the support he needs to return to the White House?

Donald Trump announced this week his third campaign for the presidency. Although he remains popular, his star no longer dazzles so much in the Republican Party, or the media that supported him. But he thrives on uphill battles.
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Pub. 14 Nov 2022 – 04:54 PM EST
Act. 16 Nov 2022 – 04:59 PM EST

Analysis: Democrats continue to dominate the Hispanic vote, despite Republican gains in Florida

Many experts predicted that eroding support for Democrats in the Hispanic community would help consolidate a 'red wave' in the US mid-term elections. It never happened (outside Florida). ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 5 Nov 2022 – 11:07 AM EDT
Act. 5 Nov 2022 – 12:57 PM EDT

Lawyers contest confession of Colombian soldier accused in assassination of Haiti's president

Retired Colombian soldier Mario Antonio Palacios made a taped confession to the FBI before he was arrested in Miami for his alleged role in the assassination of Haiti's president, Jovenel Moise. His lawyers say it was obtained illegally and have asked a judge to block it. ( Lea este artículo en español)
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Pub. 23 Oct 2022 – 11:33 AM EDT
Act. 23 Oct 2022 – 11:36 AM EDT

Mystery of the disappearing mahi-mahi divides fishermen

The colorful dolphinfish, or mahi-mahi, is one of the most coveted species for recreational fishermen as well as the commercial vessels. Charter boat captains in Florida and Puerto Rico say they are seeing far fewer and much smaller fish in recent years. But who is to blame isn’t clear, and some point to climate change. ( Lea este artículo en español)
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Pub. 28 Sep 2022 – 06:34 PM EDT
Act. 28 Sep 2022 – 07:57 PM EDT

Florida's population growth and climate change make a recipe for disaster

Hurricane Ian impacted Southwest Florida which has seen some of the fastest population and housing growth in the country. While some residents are among the wealthiest in the nation, living in Naples beachfront mansions, others are poor farm workers in Immokalee, living in trailers.
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Pub. 29 Ago 2022 – 03:55 PM EDT
Act. 3 Nov 2022 – 07:26 PM EDT

Hundreds of planes and $4,000 tickets: Cubans migrating via charter flights

Cubans are leaving the island in record numbers thanks to an informal network of charter flights set up by less-than-transparent tour operators. Some question the motives of the Cuban and Nicaraguan governments. (Lea este artículo en español)
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Pub. 24 Ago 2022 – 06:00 AM EDT
Act. 24 Ago 2022 – 09:57 AM EDT

Are we better prepared? Remembering Hurricane Andrew, 30 years ago today

Hurricane Andrew was bad. But our preparedness is "actually worse now than it was then,” says legendary meteorologist Bryan Norcross. He spoke with Univision about the lessons learned in 1992. ( Leer este artículo en español)
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