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Pub. 27 Mar 2023 – 01:05 PM EDT
Act. 27 Mar 2023 – 03:32 PM EDT

DeSantis targets drag performers, a new battle in Florida's "culture wars"

Florida’s “culture war” is targeting alleged “lewd” drag queen performances in front of children. The state has sought to revoke liquor licenses from venues that stage inappropriate drag performances. A new law would also impose tighter restrictions, including fines and jail time. ( Leer en español)
11 Jun 2021 – 06:00 PM EDT
  • Real America with Jorge Ramos

'In The Heights' making Latino history on stage and screen

Por::Real America with Jorge Ramos
Miranda may be a household name today thanks to the Pulitzer Prize winning musical Hamilton. But fans of the Puerto Rican actor, composer and lyricist know it all started with In The Heights.
14 May 2021 – 01:27 PM EDT

The boy from Medellin

The documentary, 'The Boy from Medellín', uses archival footage to flesh out the journey of a young José from his days dreaming of making it big, up to his triumphant return to his hometown, culminating in a performance for a sold-out stadium of adoring fans cheering the global superstar now known as J Balvin.
9 Abr 2021 – 10:53 AM EDT

Camilo has the world in 'Mis Manos'

Colombian singer and songwriter Camilo is part of a new generation of artists achieving mainstream success en español. His latest album ' Mis Manos' shows the U.S. and global audience is “crossing over” to Spanish-language music.
24 Ene 2021 – 10:54 AM EST

How to unite the country? We need more poetry, says Richard Blanco

There’s nothing like the humanities to ask the deep and meaningful questions that need to be posed about healing a divided America, says Obama’s inaugural poet. ( Leer en español)
21 Ago 2020 – 10:31 AM EDT

Real America: Is the U.S. a machista country?

Women are and have been at the forefront of politics as legislators and activists. Although they are redefining American politics, the country has yet to elect a female to lead the nation.
1 min de lectura
11 Ago 2020 – 03:01 PM EDT

The Latinx label is struggling to gain acceptance, but it's on the rise, Pew survey finds

While acceptance of the label may still be low, the survey shows it appears to be growing as a reflection of changing times and sensibilities about gender identity. ( Leer en español)
4 min de lectura
29 Ene 2020 – 01:11 PM EST

How Kobe Bryant fell in love with Hispanic food and culture

NBA legend Kobe Bryant had a close relationship with the Hispanic community in Los Angeles. Vanessa, his Mexican-American wife, inspired him to learn Spanish and fall in love with Mexican cuisine. Dulce Castellanos spoke with some fans and restaurant workers who served him.
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5 Dic 2019 – 04:41 PM EST


Por::Stephen Gaymont
Without a doubt, the Spanish language has had, and continues to have, enormous effects on everyday American life and culture. For most non-Hispanics, this means increased exposure to new words and expressions, new foods and flavors, and the increased presence of Latino recording artists and actors in the “mainstream” media.
16 Oct 2019 – 04:21 PM EDT


As a child in Fort Worth, TX where I was born and raised, Mexican traditions and customs were celebrated within the walls of our home.
30 Sep 2019 – 05:32 PM EDT

Hispanic Contribution to the Arts

When you think about it, it’s pretty easy to see the incredible impact Hispanics have had in the arts, particularly recently.
23 Sep 2019 – 06:32 PM EDT

OPINION: Proud to be Cubana Americana

In Maria’s home, there’s a recurring musical track played over and over with a melody incomparable to any Salsa, Merengue or Bachata song. It goes like this: Chchchchchchchchchch. It’s the harmonic rhythm of her 9 qt . olla de presión.
15 Sep 2019 – 07:25 PM EDT

OPINION: The Melting Pot - A look at Latino Culture

Latino culture and Latino identity are best summarized in two words: unity and color. Through the many flags that represent them or the many shades of its people, Latino culture is based on diversity. If you ask a Latino how they define themselves, you might get a variety of answers based on their nationality, their race, what language ordialect they speak, but one identity remains the same: Latino.
15 Sep 2019 – 05:27 PM EDT

OPINION: Latinos - More than Meets the Surface, Rooted in Tradition

Latinos in the United States are multicultural despite often being grouped into a homogenous cluster. Turning on a Latin radio station or going down the street to eat provides a different experience depending on which coast of the country you are in.
12 Ago 2019 – 02:54 PM EDT

Evangelical Leaders supported by the White House export fundamentalist agenda to Latin America

Por::Giannina Segnini
A group of fundamentalist religious leaders with ties to the White House expanded their ministries in Latin America and made deals with presidents with checkered records in Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras. Columbia Journalism Investigations (CJI), the Latin American Center for Investigative Journalism (CLIP) also documented how these leaders influenced policies towards Israel.
26 Jul 2019 – 05:49 PM EDT

Oficiales en el norte de California lucen vestimenta de charro para conectar con la comunidad hispana

La Policía de Salinas, una ciudad mayoritariamente latina en el norte de California, están llegando al corazón de la comunidad de una manera diferente, vistiendo uniformes que se asemejan al traje charro mexicano tradicional.
25 Jun 2019 – 04:23 PM EDT

Aldis Hodge, from living in his car to 'City on A Hill'

The new ‘Showtime’ crime drama - "City on a Hill" tackles some of today's most controversial topics. Actor Aldis Hodge is one of the stars of that series. In a sit-down interview with Miriam Arias, he spoke about his journey as a child actor and how his work is bringing issues of racism and corruption to light.
21 Jun 2019 – 05:41 PM EDT

Uforia Unplugged: Pedro Capo’s collaboration with Farruko and Alicia Keys

Pedro Capo is an actor, dancer, and a Latin-Grammy award winning singer-songwriter. He spoke with Yvania Garcia about collaborating with Farruko and Alicia Keys in Uforia Unplugged.
18 Jun 2019 – 05:43 PM EDT

Univision News wins three Edward R. Murrow awards for its coverage of immigration and the Nicaragua crisis

One award went to Jorge Ramos' new Facebook Watch show, 'Real America with Jorge Ramos,' for a piece on politicial repression in Nicaragua. The other two were for immigration coverage, including a raid on workers in the Iowa town of Postville, and the impact of the 'zero tolerance' policy on a traumatized Guatemalan girl who was separated from her family after crossing the U.S. border.
14 Jun 2019 – 04:36 PM EDT

Tribute to Edith Gonzalez in Mexico

Fans across Latin America and the U.S. are paying tribute to actress and telenovel star Edith Gonzalez. She died Thursday after a three-year battle with cancer. Valeria Leon has more details from Mexico City.