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Premiere: Dance it off with Delsonido's electro-tropical vibes in 'Te Vas'

The New York City band led by Elkin Pautt fuses cumbia and Latin elements with elecronic music.
27 Oct 2017 – 03:41 PM EDT
Delsonido Crédito: Julia Newman Photography

No matter the season, it's always hot inside a tiny storefront studio under the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn. This is where Elkin Pautt set up shop when he arrived from Colombia to New York City seven years ago, living above the studio. "In my house, it's summer 365 days a year", jokes Pautt, who got formed his electro-tropical band Delsonido four years ago with musicians he started jamming with at his studio.

Since the Barranquilla native arrived in Williamsburg, the neighborhood has become gentrified and glass highrises dot the skyline, but it's still his creative hub. "I have a good deal with the landlord," says Pautt laughing. "I'll be here until I get kicked out."

It is here in Williamsburg where the new music video for 'Te Vas', out now on Mishu Records, takes place.

Delsonido's current lineup is fromed of seven members hailing from Colombia, Florida, California and France. It's here in his hood where Pautt met vocalist Mariela Price, who bartends at Bembe, a popular bar across the street.

In the music video for 'Te Vas', the band's logo - a bull - comes to life as female cupid of sorts with an unexepected ending. Delsonido's signature bull is inspired by the Barranquilla carnival mascot but fused with Mexican Day of the Dead aesthetics. Delsonido's sound is also a fusion: elements of cumbia, vallenato, and other Latin rhytms with electronica.

Delsonido certainly resembles Colombia's most famous tropical electronic export, Bomba Estéreo, and Pautt came up in the music scene in Bogotá with members of Bomba and actually grew up with Li Saumet back home. In Bogotá, Pautt was part of urban group Dragón y Caballero and says, "Bomba Estéreo was underground, my band was top 40. It was my day job, it paid well, but it wasn't me."

With Delsonido, the emphasis is more on the live instrumentation than the electronics. The band will have its first show outside New York City at the House of Creatives Festival in Miami in November, and Pautt is excited about the challenges ahead. "I'm happy about the opportunity to show what big bands can do," he says.

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