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Pub. 29 Mar 2023 – 01:10 PM EDT
Act. 29 Mar 2023 – 04:33 PM EDT

Haiti assassination: how much did the US government know about the plot against Moïse?

The alleged involvement of three US government informants in the operation that culminated in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse has raised questions about how much Washington knew about the plan partially hatched in Miami. Does the FBI have a conflict of interest if it is investigating a case involving one of its informants? ( Leer en español)
Pub. 20 Feb 2023 – 12:34 PM EST
Act. 20 Feb 2023 – 12:47 PM EST

How 222 Nicaraguan former political prisoners were exiled and stripped of their nationality, but still not considered refugees

Daniel Ortega stripped them of their citizenship, but the 222 Nicaraguan prisoners who arrived in the United States last week entered the country under a humanitarian parole, not as refugees. As a result, they are not automatically eligible for some essential benefits. Instead, they must rely on NGOs, charities and borrowing money from friends. ( Lea este artículo en español)
Pub. 31 Ene 2023 – 05:07 PM EST
Act. 31 Ene 2023 – 06:25 PM EST

More suspects in assassination of Haitian President Moïse transferred to U.S.

The U.S. investigation into the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise took a giant leap forward on Tuesday when four key suspects were flown to Miami from Haiti. ( Leer en español)
Pub. 19 Ene 2023 – 01:29 PM EST
Act. 19 Ene 2023 – 01:39 PM EST

The fall of Mexico's 'Supercop' Genaro Garcia Luna. Security chief goes on trial in US for alleged drug cartel ties

Mexico's former Secretary of Public Security is on trial in New York. U.S. officials credit Garcia Luna with creating the country's first investigative agency capable of conducting sophisticated security operations. But he allegedly worked behind his back for El Chapo's Sinaloa cartel.
Pub. 10 Ene 2023 – 03:33 PM EST
Act. 10 Ene 2023 – 03:59 PM EST

Honduras ex-president's drug trafficking trial postponed until September

The unprecedented trial was scheduled for April, but government and defense lawyers say they need more time to review sensitive and classified documents, including Hernandez's cooperation with the CIA.
Pub. 26 Dic 2022 – 01:04 PM EST
Act. 26 Dic 2022 – 01:24 PM EST

He helped capture the 'Queen of the Coyotes', but he's lived in the shadows ever since waiting for the promise of a Green Card.

Roberto Rivas risked his life to help dismantle a "huge" human smuggling ring involving as many as 10,000 passports. He was brought to the United States as an informant on a special 'public benefit' visa, but claims he was then forgotten about by the agents he assisted. ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 21 Dic 2022 – 11:10 AM EST
Act. 21 Dic 2022 – 04:00 PM EST

An unprecedented adoption case in the US seeks to rectify an injustice in Mexico

Their adoptive parents in the U.S. refused to pay a bribe in Mexico. As a result, the Polinske children have been waiting 37 years for their Mexican adoption - and U.S. citizenship - to be recognized.
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Pub. 19 Dic 2022 – 10:59 AM EST
Act. 19 Dic 2022 – 11:41 AM EST

U.S. and Canada turn to sanctions against Haitian politicians and businessmen accused of ties to gangs

The US has rarely resorted to sanctions in Haiti, leading some to ask why the punitive tool wasn't used sooner? But some potential sanctions targets live in the United States, making execution more difficult.
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Pub. 13 Dic 2022 – 12:23 PM EST
Act. 13 Dic 2022 – 12:27 PM EST

US officials report massive increase of Cuban rafters in Florida waters

More and more Cuban rafts are appearing in U.S. waters due to the political and economic crisis on the communist-run island. (Leer es españo l)
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Pub. 1 Dic 2022 – 10:44 AM EST
Act. 1 Dic 2022 – 07:04 PM EST

"911 emergency": Cuba's energy infrastructure is in ruins and the government calls for urgent help

Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel recently completed a four-country trip in urgent search of foreign assistance to keep the country from going dark. Cuba’s ageing energy infrastructure leaves the island dependent on Turkish 'powerships' for offshore electricity. But as its energy problems mount up, so is its foreign debt. ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 5 Nov 2022 – 11:07 AM EDT
Act. 5 Nov 2022 – 12:57 PM EDT

Lawyers contest confession of Colombian soldier accused in assassination of Haiti's president

Retired Colombian soldier Mario Antonio Palacios made a taped confession to the FBI before he was arrested in Miami for his alleged role in the assassination of Haiti's president, Jovenel Moise. His lawyers say it was obtained illegally and have asked a judge to block it. ( Lea este artículo en español)
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Pub. 20 Sep 2022 – 04:29 PM EDT
Act. 27 Sep 2022 – 08:28 AM EDT

Drug trial of former Honduran president postponed until April 2023

For the trial to move forward, defense attorney Raymond Colon must first obtain a security clearance to receive classified documents related to the case. That could take time due to Hernandez's close ties to the US government
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Pub. 24 Ago 2022 – 12:22 PM EDT
Act. 24 Ago 2022 – 01:06 PM EDT

Surge of Cuban migrants at the southern border is breaking historical records

Economic crisis and political repression are driving the largest exodus of Cubans from the island. They are welcome in South Florida. But when they arrive, many end up trapped in legal limbo by new immigration restrictions. (Lea este artículo en español)
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Pub. 23 Jul 2022 – 02:42 PM EDT
Act. 23 Jul 2022 – 03:02 PM EDT

After Caro Quintero's arrest in Mexico, is the Camarena case any closer to being solved?

The 1985 murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena was a major part of the plot of the popular Netflix series 'Narcos: Mexico'. Following the arrest last week of Rafael Caro Quintero, the notorious Mexican drug lord, US authorities say they want to extradite him to stand trial for numerous crimes, including the kidnapping, torture and murder of Camarena. ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 18 Jun 2022 – 01:42 PM EDT
Act. 26 Sep 2022 – 05:05 PM EDT

Murder in the Amazon: how much are Bolsonaro's policies to blame?

A federal police investigator said a suspect confessed and detailed what happened to British journalist, Dom Phillips, and Brazilian indigenous rights defender, Bruno Pereira.
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Pub. 11 Jun 2022 – 03:51 PM EDT
Act. 13 Jun 2022 – 07:12 AM EDT

Biden tries to curb China's growing influence in Latin America: Is it too late?

At the Summit of the Americas, President Joe Biden said private sector investment was key to regain ground in relations with Latin America. But China's powerful banks and state-owned enterprises have long been expanding their influence in the hemisphere. ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 5 Jun 2022 – 12:41 PM EDT
Act. 22 Jul 2022 – 12:49 PM EDT

Lawyers, rabbis and a YouTube detective : the motley legal crew defending former president Hernandez?

Juan Orlando Hernandez is being represented by a curious combination of lawyers, rabbis and a colorful private detective. ( Leer en español)
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Pub. 1 Jun 2022 – 07:00 AM EDT
Act. 1 Jun 2022 – 05:04 PM EDT

Biden makes changes to Cuba and Venezuela policy: what impact could it have on the Florida vote?

Biden's latest announcement on Cuba and Venezuela criticized as too weak and ambiguous, while also seen as signalling that the White House is giving up on Florida electorally. ( Leer es español)
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Pub. 30 May 2022 – 12:30 PM EDT
Act. 30 May 2022 – 12:30 PM EDT

Political control, money and firepower: Latin American 'maras' evolve beyond gangs, a new report warns

MS-13 is now "among the largest non-state armed groups in the Western Hemisphere," according to a new report.
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Pub. 26 May 2022 – 01:39 PM EDT
Act. 26 May 2022 – 01:40 PM EDT

As Guatemala’s government chooses corruption, U.S. should respond more forcefully

Por: Mirte Postema
Between 2019 and May 2022, at least 22 prosecutors, judges, and human rights defenders have been forced into exile—many of them in the United States. Guatemalan authorities have also detained at least seven anti-corruption prosecutors.
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