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Earl Simmons

DMX Abandons His Pitbull At Dog Kennel

The rapper is in deep trouble after leaving his dog at a Rhode Island pet resort.
17 Ene 2017 – 06:05 PM EST
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Sad news coming out of Warwick, RI. Rapper DMX is under fire after abandoning his one-year-old pitbull named "X" at a pet resort for six months. The owner of the resort says that the rapper has been caring for his pitbull since August of 2016. It was reported that DMX stopped paying the bill in October of 2016.

According to WLNE News in Rhode Island, DMX boarded the dog at the boarding facility when he went on tour in the summer and never returned to pick up "X."

Chad Callahan tells WLNE: "I was able to get him (DMX) on the phone and I asked him very specifically if he would like us to assist him and adopt out his dog. He said yes, So I asked him to send a letter relinquishing ownership of the dog and we'd be happy to help. He agreed but then a month went by and we didn't hear from him again. Bully breeds don't fair very well in shelters. They try their best but staff often get overwhelmed with them and a lot of them get euthanized. He's such a nice, sweet dog and he doesn't deserve that, so we're trying to do our part."

DMX still hasn't sent any paperwork to the pet resort. If DMX doesn't respond to the pet resort soon, animal care services would have to get involved.